About the company

HyperTechLab was founded in 1999 as a team of leading high tech specialists. Our specialists are confident that there is nothing impossible in the world and that science is capable of everything. Our company represents a classic example of a company of the future. Our specialists are scattered all over the world but work together toward a common goal. Since 2014, our company has been based in Israel. Our key activity areas are:

  • Software development and sales.

  • High technology development.

  • Developments in information technology, data processing, storage and transmission.

  • Developments in alternative energy sources.

  • Mathematical analysis and distributed information and computation systems research.

In all of our work, we adhere to the principle of utilizing only the most advanced technologies and creating products of the highest quality, which enables us to stay a great deal ahead of our competitors. Our company is among those who create the future world today.